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      Collaboration Over Competition

      Ohriginal Apparel - HartWear Headbands

      Ohriginal Apparel

      Collaboration Over Competition!

      This month's small business spotlight gives you a look into a female boss that has turned an old school classic into an Ohriginal piece!

      Ohriginal Apparel: Home of the Ohio Elbow Patch
      Owned & Operated by: Whitney Price & family

      ❤️ When did you launch Ohriginal Apparel?
      I started Ohriginal Apparel in 2015 with my daughter.

      ❤️ What gave you the idea to create elbow patch ?
      We wanted shirts that we could wear on game days in Ohio but also out and about. We couldn’t find anything that we loved so we hit up our crafting area and made our own. We wanted it to be unique, so we added Ohio silhouettes in place of elbow patches on the shirt we created. These are now our signature design feature.

      ❤️ Do you have a team that helps keep Ohriginal Apparel running smoothly?
      Ohriginal is ran out of our home in Ohio and every member of our family helps out. My kids love to help design new items, pack orders and help with inventory. My husband helps with any heavy lifting, running around for me and pretty much anything that I need help with (He’s a trooper).

      Watch for more posts today that will feature several Ohriginal Apparel products that are crowd favorites!!

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      ❤️ What was your initial expectation starting your company?
      Never in a million years did I think that the first picture I posted of that shirt would get the response it did. (It’s actually a little funny to think about now because I hand cut and hand pressed everything on that shirt and many others after.) It was such a great feeling because not only did people like/want this item, but I created it with my daughter. Because of this, Ohriginal holds a very special place in my heart. She has been right by my side, wanting to help with most everything and pushing me through when things get a little tough.

      ❤️ Which is your FAVE??
      My all time favorite item is The Ohriginal Crew. It can be worn for things such as different sporting events or just out and about. It’s also one of the most comfortable crew sweatshirts, which are my favorite because I’m a freeze baby and not the biggest fan of hoods.

      ❤️ What's in Ohriginal Apparel's future?
      When Ohriginal first started I did have a few shirts with different state elbow patches. These were not up long, BUT there mayyyyyyy or may not be different state elbow patches coming in the near future SHHHHHH….. 😉

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      Final Question.....

      ❤️ What is your favorite part about running your own business?
      I LOVE setting up at different shows and interacting with my customers. It’s my favorite thing to do. I also do a happy dance or call my husband anytime I am out and about and see someone in an Ohriginal item…. True story!

      If you have any other questions for Whitney about her clothing, business, or custom creations....make sure to hit her up on FB Ohriginal Apparel!!

      Thank you Whitney!!